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The future is coming faster than you think

Tomorrowverse is a unique look into a possible near future of immense potential.  A world where giant floating islands, are manufactured through the wonders of 3D printing techniques, and support city state sized micro-nations, with decentralized crypto economies using the latest defi innovations. 

Where each island becomes an experiment in alternative forms of economics and government, where far from coercion, the citizens vote with their feet.  Where competition for providing good governance is finally introduced, and there is finally an answer to the old question, "Yeah, but where else are you gonna go?" when you complain about the state of your nation.

Best of all, these technologies aren't in some far off future.  They were all in labs at various stages, at the time of its publication.  So read the story of these characters, it is fiction, enjoy it as such, but realize, it is here because it is also very real.  Dream now, build today, live Tomorrowverse.

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