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With her association with MU getting a little too much official attention back in the United States, Elaine Winters accepts the invitation to become a citizen of MU.

Elaine and her family struggle to adjust to their new home, amid increasing international tensions and the ever increasing pace of technological change.

Seemingly every week a new and deeply disruptive technology is introduced to the world. A scarcity of traditional employment is gripping what was once thought of as the developed world. Add to this stress the ever present new threat from those trying to master the Halvarson Effect and the world has become a very dangerous place.

With all of the amazing potential, and terrifying perils that this explosion in innovation has brought, the greatest question remains unanswered.

Can we finally free ourselves of want and need, to bring about an era of prosperity unlike this world has ever known, or will our darker need to dominate our neighbors ultimately doom us to
probable destruction?

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