Adventures on the Isle of Mu

Elaine's dreams of working for a major media outlet, had been lost in the drudgery of managing her own tiny tech blog. That is until the opportunity of a lifetime, unexpectedly knocked at her door. She had just been offered an exclusive interview with the billionaire playboy that everyone loves to hate. When Michael Shultzinger and his billionaire boys club, used his new 3D printing techniques to literally print their own floating island seastead the world cheered. When they all moved their businesses out of the various countries, gave up citizenship in their former homes, and stopped paying taxes there, they became the veritable icons of greed and exploitation. Will Elaine get the story she desperately needs to propell her career out of obscurity? Is Michael a fool for trusting his message to a liberal journalist with only a small following? Come along, Adventures on the Isle of MU, await. See the Island through Elaine's eyes and judge for yourself.