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Tomorrowverse is a new way to tell a story, or a whole series of stories

In today's world it seems that new discoveries happen every week.  Just trying to keep up would be a full time job.  Even in our narrow specialized fields, we find keeping up with the pace of new discoveries challenging.  It is only going to accelerate.

Welcome to tomorrow.  Seasteading is a reality.  More people trust crypto currencies than national currencies.  Medical miracles of yesterday are out patient care or often treatments from home guided by your AI.


At least for those living on the new floating island city states.  For those living on land, it is a bit more difficult.  Access to technology is being restricted by regulatory agencies that cannot keep up with the flood of invention.  A Corporate and Bureaucratic alliance has formed to fight being made irrelevant.

Can they hold back the sweeping tide of change?  Do we want them to?

If they don't bring some sanity to this what will the world be like?

Come to Tomorrowverse and find out.  We only get one future people,  let us try to make it one we actually want to live in.


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